Monday, December 31, 2012

Pajamas, polish and painting....just what a girl wants

Julie's Pajama and Painting Birthday Party!

Sometimes girls just wanna have fun! What better way than partying in your pajamas and painting your favorite nail polish.
Birthday girl Julie chose just the perfect theme to celebrate with 10 of her dearest friends.  Lots of giggling and talking about the latest news at the elementary school.  
 Of course, the festivities would not have been complete without birthday cupcakes, frosted with the most hot pink on the planet! The girls did an awesome job and had a lot of fun.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

SMocKing with the Lovies

On a brisk fall morning, Ashley and her friends were celebrating her birthday with cake, juice and a little SMocK. According to Ashley's mom, Ashley knew exactly how she wanted to spend her big day.  Ashley wanted to spend the day painting with her friends.  She wanted someone, like a teacher, to come and paint with them.  And her mom knew exactly how to make this wonderful idea happen :) 
After a quick demonstration about sketching your lovie, the kids used crayons and simple shapes to draw bodies, arms, legs, ears and whatever they needed to begin their portraits.
Then the painting began!
The progression of these paintings were really amazing and each expressed a little bit of character from each SMocKer.  The most wonderful moment is when there is silence.  SERIOUSLY! Silence at a little girl's birthday party.  Each SMocKer's concentration was amazing.  After a little break for lunch, some cake and birthday games, the SMocKers returned to finish their paintings with a little detail.
Their 'lovies' came to life and the final results were these wonderful smiles and a glow of pride!  And this is what SMocKing is all about....  
The excitement and birthday cheer did not end for Ashley quite there.  As the honorary SMocKer, Ashley received her own SMocKbox!
This little white box contained a small canvas, paints, brushes, instructions and guide to create another great masterpiece all on her own.  And to my surprise, she did not waste minute!  It was awesome to see Ashley open the SMocKbox on her own and just.....SMocK!  AWESOME.   

Contact me to find out how to buy, send or pick up a SMocKbox for you or your kid!  Each SMocKbox has it's own surprise theme all's all ages. 
For 20 dollars, they are a perfect gift for any occasion.
C'mon, SMocK someone you love!
xoxo, SMocK you!

Monday, October 8, 2012


Little birthday girl Ashley could not wait to open up her SMocKbox!  Ask about how you can get one.....


Give the gift of art to your kids....or your adults!  Ask about the SMocKbox....
Xoxo, SMocK you

Saturday, September 8, 2012

SMocKing on the Roof

 One of the most fun SMocK parties was over the summer, on the hottest day in mid July!  The inspiration was the Chicago skyline and the goal was to paint on the rooftop.  Well, we did a little bit of both.  SMocKers sketched the wonderful view from the roof and then sat in  a nice air conditioned space to paint.  The evening was full of food, fun and fabulously unique paintings.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

SMocK with Heart

As the summer rolled to an end, we squeezed in one last SMocK for a wonderful friend turning 29, again.  With belinis, sangria and a whole lot of heart, we celebrate with some SMocKing.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A very busy summer for SMocKing!

I should start by apologizing for not keeping up with all the wonderful SMocKing that happened throughout the summer months.  From rooftop to a beach, to a garden to rockin' was a summer of SMocK.  I am going to do my best in an effort to keep all my SMocKers up to date with the latest of parties and painting mixing....

Yesterday we celebrated a 7th birthday with a rock star theme!  Young SMockers envisioned themselves as hard rockers, displaying their air guitar skills and all.  In the end, they did an amazing job, painting their very unique guitars.  BRAVO, my lovely little ladies.  xoxo, SMocK you.
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