Sunday, April 22, 2012

SMocKing Students: A good thing to do

Dear fellow SMocKers,
Those of you that have recently visited the blog may have notice a "Donate" Button on the side of the page. I'm on a small little mission and I need your help!!!  As some may know and some are new to the art education world, there are an incredible amount of schools who DO NOT provide any form of the arts to their students.  Chicago Public Schools are in a crisis and leading officials are fighting really hard to hire art teachers at every school.  

I have to pleasure of working with a 3rd grade CPS teacher, at UNO Charter School in Humbolt Park where the students are "art deprived".  In this wonderful new school, with these enthusiastic students, it's really hard to understand how something so integral to their growth is not offered.  

Well....I wanna SMocK them!!!  I thought to myself, how can I do something more than just throw parties for fun?  How can I use this little idea of having fun with painting and make it a venture that helps others?  
That helps kids.  
I do this everyday.  I teach art to growing and developing students everyday and I can not imagine not.

So....I want to SMocK them.  I want to transform their classroom into an art studio and as they arrive at school, one early morning...they get SMocKed!  Three hours of painting, learning and having fun with art.

I need your help.  I do not have nearly enough supplies, let alone enough smocks to do this on my own.  There are 32 students in this classroom that would be thrilled and surprised beyond belief for this day.

So, if you find it in your hearts and see the passion and excitement in mine, DONATE.  It doesn't have to be a lot.  

5 dollars sponsors the canvas for one student
10 dollars sponsors the canvas and easel
15 dollars sponsors the canvas, easel and the painting supplies
20 dollars sponsors the canvas, easel, the painting supplies and the smock :)

Help me it forward and then we can have a SMocK party to celebrate.  I promise :-)

If you do choose to DONATE, please email me your name and address as so you can receive something special in the mail and of course an invitation to the SMocK party celebration!  No need to tell me your donation amount...I don't care:)

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